The Man Warrior King Council
The Man Warrior King Council
Matt Hallock

Welcome to The Man Warrior King Council

Where men are rising to the challenge to become true Kingdom MEN. Alive. Assertive. Confident.

About Us

Inside the Man Warrior King Council you will find a community o other like minded men who are done with four-ish things:

  1. Being "nice guy" Christian men and husbands who try to make everyone happy and discover that, in the mean time, they're making no kingdom impact.
  2. Playing in the shallow end of the kingdom. They don't want Christian-lite. They want fire. Passion. Power of the Holy Spirit, and the real present voice of God.
  3. Not knowing who they are in relationship to the women in their lives. Whether you are married, or will be someday, you need the kingdom masculinity principles that we are all about inside the MWK Council.
  4. Weekly Live FREE Ministry Sessions, every Wednesday at 7pm Pacific. Zoom calls designed to set you ablaze and get you unstuck. Completely free.
  5. And I forgot to mention, most everyone will have read or is currently readingĀ The DNA of a Man.

Why You Should Join

You will get a few things:

  1. A 10% discount on all future purchases from the Man Warrior King movement, including our freaking amazing and life-changing program:

    THE RANKS OF ADULLAM - The Transformation Intiative

  2. The opportunity to meet guys in your area who are also being rocked by The DNA of a ManĀ and who want to see Jesus make them truly alive and powerful sons of the father, and to see him rebuild their marriages.

  3. And like I mentioned before, FREE weekly ministry calls.
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